Dear customer,

Thank you for the purchase and registering to our Support System. Please feel free to tell us about any issues you have with your theme and one of us will help you as soon as we can. Just please remember we are not a big agency with an army of people answering every question in few minutes. We're just 2 guys with the same passion and beside the support we also need time to build new themes and update existing ones.

Few simple rules:

  1. Average response time is less than 24 hours.
  2. Sometimes response time may be longer. It depends how busy we are.
  3. Be patient and wait for your turn. We don't need reminders like emails, comments on Themeforest or Facebook posts.
  4. We don't work in public holidays like Christmas, Easter or New Years Eve.
  5. Sometimes we get sick and sometimes we need holidays like everybody else.
  6. Be polite. Using a hundred exclamation marks is a rude shouting and we won't respond to that.
  7. Before you ask, please check FAQ and Archive to see if your answer is already there.
  8. Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, jQuery and Wordpress is required. Lessons are beyond our support scope.
  9. Customizing theme or third party plugins are not included in our support.
  10. Please rate our theme.

Best regards
Coffeecream Themes Team

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